Thursday, 2 January 2014

Project 52 - Week 1

So here we are in 2014 ... Happy New Year! 
Project 52 has started for me and I wanted to share a few photos that I took yesterday with this week's theme of "What makes me smile" in mind. I planned at least one visit to the beach as I always feel refreshed after dipping my toes in the water or taking a nice walk along the beach. A little challenging getting the lens to focus as I was walking towards the water, stopping and then trying to focus before the water disappeared. 

the bottom of my pants got wet too which made me laugh as well as smile
and it goes without saying that this man brings a smile to my face every day, I don't know where I would be in life without him, he's my life, my soul mate, my everything ... 

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Pat (mspfd) said...

Love the photo of Brian! Walking on the beach and dipping my feet in the water makes me smile too. Wish I were there since snow and rain showers are expected tonight.

Happy New Year, my friend!