Wednesday, 18 December 2013

New Lens!

Week before last I purchased a new lens ... it's what they call the plastic fantastic. Normally they are around the $130-$150 price range depending on where you shop but they had them out for just $98! I have been contemplating one of the 50mm lenses for a while and wasn't until I saw someone had posted a comparison between the F1.8, F1.4 and the F1.2 that I'd made my mind up the the $450 version (F1.4) that I was leaning towards, really was not worth the extra $300 when I am not making money from what I love ... so when the F1.8 version was offered on sale at $98 it was time to grab me a bargain and wow, I love it!!! I've not had the opportunity to really try it out as a portrait lens on a human other than Brian and he doesn't make for a very good subject so I've used Jessie as my subject a couple of times, but she is not a very willing subject either, she hates sitting still! 
Here is Jessie #1

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Pat (mspfd) said...

Gotta grab the bargains when you see them! Maybe you need to try Jessie when he's sleeping!
Great shot!!