What I've learnt during Project 365 ...

Thursday 28th June - Day 314
What have I learnt over the last 314 days? I've learnt quite a bit and am very pleased with myself for progressing so far, especially this year, 2012 and really proud of myself for just persisting with the project no matter what life has thrown in my way during this time. Some of the things that I've learnt that come to mind
  • Yes ... I really love photography!
  • I've learnt to use my camera in "M" mode - full manual mode
  • I've learnt that if I plan my photos I end up with a much better photo than if I just run, grab my camera and shoot
  • I've learnt that patience pays off ... don't rush your shot (which sort of goes with the above statement)
  • My favourite subjects to date would be flora, landscapes/seascapes, architecture, macro, animals
  • Area/s I need to spend more time - all of them really, but in particular portraiture & architecture (there are probably lots more but these come to mind right now)
  • Areas I'd like to learn more about - light painting, portraiture, macro, star trails
  • It's not the camera but rather the artist behind the camera .. oh, and the right lens at the time goes a long way too ...  
  • A little bit of post photo processing can change a dull looking shot to something quite dynamic with the right software ... something I am yet to invest in

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