Monday, 4 November 2013

Perth City Open House

I walked our city on Saturday with friend Erika as, for the 2nd year, the city hosted an "Open House" - opening doors & floors of various buildings in the city which granted the public access to places and spaces normally reserved to those elite few who live/work/own such. Although we didn't gain access to as many buildings as we would have liked due to waiting times etc, I was excited to see what we did! 

This was one of my first shots outside the QV1 building of Erika shooting QVI through this sculpture

First building we happened accross was the Royal Insurance Building, of which the fa├žade and main entrance  were all original (beautiful polished copper surround around the lifts ... can't imagine polishing that every night/week!), marble accents, parquet floor, etc ... it was beautiful! 
In the building we headed up to the 2nd (?) floor to the space occupied by DockWise - a shipping company that had been in business for some 30+ years (I do hope that have quoted this all correctly - our tour guide was Asian and quite hard to understand at times with his strong accent!). The DockWise space was very modern, open, inviting, happy with well proportioned work areas. I would think it would be a great place to work! I didn't take any photos here, which I am now regretting! When we left the office space we headed up to the terrace garden which was set up with an outdoor kitchen/meeting/entertaining space. All in all very well done! 
From here we dove into Theobroma for a bite to eat & drink and took the opportunity to photograph the chocolates in the cabinet! 

 Best lunch I've had in a while :)
We headed across the street to Central Park and lined up with everyone else. I did try booking us into a balcony tour however due to winds etc they were very strict of numbers taken up here so we jumped into the top floor tour. Love everything that Central Park has for the employees - a huge, lock up bike area - with servicing area, dehumidifier/wash room for sweaty riding clothes, recycling, & so much more. Very innovative and interesting. Our tour was to the 51st floor at 205m elevation. 
This view was north west (ish) with the freeway coming in from the left, St Georges Tce from the bottom, Herdsman Lake to the top right and the Indian Ocean towards the top! Despite the way the building was constructed we could still feel the sway of the building which is up to 30cm! 

The next stop was Gordon Stephenson House which is occupied by various Govt. agencies and as a building has a 5 star energy rating. Not so keen on the 'unfinished' look throughout the building but that was the architects & building owners choices not mine. Lots of plywood and open ceiling areas exposing the elements of the building ... not my cup of tea but if it works for them that's great. We viewed offices on the 3rd floor, then headed up to the 7th floor where the photo below was taken in an atrium area to the north of the building overlooking the area between the Arena and Horseshoe bridge - showing the lowering of the rail line and bringing together of Perth & Northbridge. 

A few scenes and buildings from around the city while we were walking around 
 Reaching for the sky

 Loved the angles and lines
An alleyway behind a Church

Get me out of the concrete jungle

Our final stop was the First Church of Christ Scientist, which was built in 1939 in a Modern design, now known as Art Deco. The lady who gave us a tour of the Church had been a member all her life and her father was one of the founding members here in Perth I think!
I've still got more photos to edit but these were some of my favourites of the day.
Sorry about the long post but I wanted to put this all in writing before I forgot the details of the day. 



Pat (mspfd) said...

What a great opportunity! Fabulous photos! Can't wait to see the rest.
Can't imagine polishing all that copper either!

Deborah said...

Heya chickee. How's things? Happy to see that you are still having fun with photography. :o)