Monday, 21 October 2013

The Red Beak Orchid

This one was a real treat for me this year as it will only flower after a summer fire. Luckily, for us orchid hunters, there was a small fire in a reserve in the northern suburbs of Perth last summer and these beautiful flowers were the end result of that fire along with many cowslip orchids. It was a real treat to see the flowers as I've often seen the leaves (called Elephants Ears as that is what they resemble) but until this year, hadn't seen the beautiful flowers. Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge them as they always look better when enlarged! Feeling the love this year ... 

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Pat (mspfd) said...

This is a spectacular orchid. The colors are so vivid and gorgeous. Beautiful photographs, Chelle.
You must be tickled to have found this beauty!