Saturday, 25 February 2012

Project 365 - Day 190 - Saturday 25th Feb

I went for a ride on our 4 wheel motorbike today around the farm and took Jessie with me for company. I found various things to photograph along the way.

 It was nice to see some wildflowers still flowering
 Our water hole (soak) - summer is the only time there is a bank on the east side to walk down to the water as the water is usually 2-3 foot higher
 There's a bunny down here somewhere!!!
 Resting in the water by the bore after a big run around the farm
My action shot of the day! I was just changing the camera settings from colour to monochrome and just about missed it ... Brian turned on the tap and Jessie was about to get squirted (well, at least she thought she was going to!). Best viewed large :)
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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