Saturday, 25 February 2012

Project 365 - Day 189 - Friday 24th Feb

I took a drive with Brian Friday afternoon to a property his boss leases and got to take some photos around a deserted house while Brian picked up the portable sheep yards. The house itself was a basic weather board ... nothing very exciting, but I did find a few things to take photos of.
I just thought this was weird - mosaic pavers in a shearing shed!?!
Taken through the window I liked the way the shadows were falling and the lighting
The back door was open so I poked my head inside the house - I just loved this stained glass window which was clearly the best part of the house! The termites have found a home here and there was a good part of the ceiling in this room which had colapsed.

meet Mickey Mouse cactus ... found while wandering around the house/garden

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