Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Daisy Square

Oh, I'm most excited! I spent many hours yesterday learning to take still life photos of a daisy. Doesn't sound that complicated I know but it was dark & raining and I had to use substitute lighting and create a background and after many unsuccessful attempts I finally took a photo I was real pleased with. Anyway ... long story short - I uploaded it onto RedBubble to partake in another challenge "Still Life Daisies" and got a feature in another group I am part of - the Canon DSLR group - on the same day the photo was uploaded. How excitment ... that's 2 photos featured in a week now! I have actually altered this one post photo in DPP from a Black & White Raw image and call it my halftone daisy square. What are your thoughts??

I am real glad that it's Thursday afternoon already as it's been a long week ... so looking forward to our weekend this week. Hope you have a great one!

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Pat (mspfd) said...

My thoughts.... it's spectacular! Congratulations on the recognition!