Sunday, 17 October 2010

Daily Shot #2 & #3

Ok - I missed a day yesterday but that is only because I didn't take any photos until late in the day and I didn't get to upload them to the computer until this morning. Today we took a drive, not as long as some but we thought we'd try out the new Indian Ocean Drive .... hmmm, don't get to see that much ocean because you have to take a detour while traversing the military area ... still it's a road that we'd not been on before and most importantly it was time we spent together. We visited Lake Thetis near Cervantes and checked out the strombolites that live in the lake - which is about 1.5 times saltier than the ocean. That is what the funny rock looking formation is at the top. We then drove to Jurien, had lunch and then turned around and started heading home. We stopped at one of the sub-divisions in the middle of no where and talk a walk along the beach where I spied this sea bird - not sure what it was but it was certainly quite a bit larger than the average gull. Anyway apart from the dune & ocean shots I took from Nambung National Park these are my favourite shots of the day. Will share some more pics tomorrow.

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Pat (mspfd) said...

Super cool. Thank you for sharing these photos. Perth certainly has some beautiful areas with amazing natural wonders.