Monday, 12 July 2010

Cabin Fever

I felt like I really needed to get out & about on Saturday so around lunch time Brian & I headed off on a "little" drive. From home we headed east to Toodyay and then on to Northam. We had a quick lunch on the river at Northam before heading further east to Meckering. From here we took a left turn and headed north to Goomalling before turning west and heading back to Northam and on to Perth to visit a friend before heading home. Not sure exactly how many kilometres we travelled but it was a great drive and I have to say that it certainly cured my cabin fever (at least for a wee while). I think next time we have to leave a little earlier in the day so we can go a little further afield. Anyhow ... here's a few photos from our trip - it was quite an unexpected historical drive, as far as WA history is concerned, outside the historical towns themselves (except the Northam Flour Mill).

Glenfield Homestead - built in the 1860's now lays in ruins

Northam Flour Mill - built in 1867
Salisbury Homestead - built approx. 1904 - felled during the Meckering Earthquake in 1968. I think it's fabulous that they've left it as a reminder to our history!
Salisbury Homestead in it's prime (the faded photo shown here was behind perspex so it was hard to get a good shot!)

This is St Peter's Anglican Church Jennapullin - foundation stone was laid in 1914 - really loved the awesome ghost gum standing in the background! Although in fairly good condition, I'm not sure if the Church is still in service.

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