Monday, 30 March 2015

2015 = Two Photo Projects

30th March 2015
2015 ... I really felt the need for a challenge more than just another Project 52 so I have taken on another Project 365 BUT added the twist of using the Lensbaby for this challenge, as well as a Project 52 with a weekly theme!
Today is day 89 for P365 and although I've not taken my photo today ... so far so good. I know that I am a capable photographer, not in a professional sense by any ways or means but I can take a photo and with a little forethought and planning I can even take a good photo.
I shared this photo from yesterday - Day 88 in the Lensbaby group on Facebook and not only did I receive some great comments but 89 people have liked the photo = best response ever to one of my photos. I'm blown away. Maybe it's because no one else has tried astrophotography with their Lensbaby or perhaps that they just have to travel too far to get away from light pollution before they can even try. With such positive feedback it gives one great confidence.
Thanks for staying with me thus far ... Hope you have  a great week!

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