Sunday, 15 December 2013

Details for Car Rally Photos

Further to your comment yesterday Pat (I did send you an email, wondering if you received it?), here are some details for the car rally photos :) Should have added in details when I uploaded the photos but just didn't think of it! 
The old tractor was a compulsory photo, found on a road crossing between highways. The old bicycle was found at Australia's smallest Post Office, which is no longer in operation. The Santa Hat is sitting atop the Perth-Kalgoorlie pipeline - was working on an "Industrial" Christmas card theme idea for the camera club. The old factory is the derelict Refractory site out at Clackline. The Church is St Saviours and is in the Katrine area along with the house ruins. The Asian Headstones were a compulsory photo and can be found in the Northam Cemetery. The gated doorway is part of the flour mill at Northam and finally had the last photo is a railway pin sitting in a fence found atop an old rail bridge just south of Toodyay.

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Pat (mspfd) said...

Thanks for the details. No, I didn't get the email. Wonder what happened to it?