Saturday, 26 January 2013

Landscapes with filters

Added texture & treatment
Well, after 20 days of trying to keep up with the daily challenge I folded ... just couldn't do it any longer. I was finding that I was just taking photos for the sake of the challenge without really putting my heart & soul behind it so I decided that I would rather concentrate on taking better photos even if it means not using my camera on a daily basis. I could cheat and catch up with the challenge now as it's only 6 days late but I feel that is not what the challenge was about. 
So ... yesterday I had some new 'toys' arrive! 2 packs of 12 square filters, some graduated and some solid colours so took a few shots of the paddock behind the house using different filters to try them out and these are the end results. What one is your favourite? As usual they all look better enlarged. 
using a graduated Neutral Density Filter - gives a richer sky colour at the top
using a graduated blue filter - even sky colour
using graduated blue and green filters - greener grass & even sky colour

1 comment:

Pat (mspfd) said...

Love all the variations. My favorite is the neutral density filter.