Saturday, 20 October 2012

Toodyay & Julimar Forest

 Headed out to Toodyay for their annual agricultural show last weekend (October 13th) but really wasn't inspired to take many photos. Not that there wasn't interesting stuffs to see but things just didn't appeal for photography, except this pipe band walking around the grounds. I did get more excited by the wildflowers on the way home though in Julimar Forest. The gorgeous Blue Lady Orchid below was the only one nearly open - being that they are a sun orchid they love sunshine before opening themselves to the world. As you can see a shower of rain had not long gone through before I found this fabulous sample, so I am very grateful to have been able to photograph one at least :)

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Pat (mspfd) said...

Gorgeous photo. Love how you were able to capture the crisp water droplets and vibrant colors of the orchid.