Monday, 27 August 2012

WA Wildflowers

Oh my goodness, I really do think that we are totally spoilt here in Western Australia for our late winter /  early spring wild flowers. There are some truly amazing masterpieces by Mother Nature!
 Everlastings getting their daily dose of Vitamin D
 Macro Kangaroo Paw
 Slender Smokebush
 Sugar Orchid
 Bee Orchid (also known as the Dancing Spider Orchid) taken with the Canon no flash
 Bee Orchid taken with the Lumix and a flash
 Sun Orhcid
 Winter Donkey Orchid
Wild Violet 
These have all been taken over the last week and a half ... just not had time to post them!

1 comment:

Pat (mspfd) said...

These are beautiful. You have the most beautiful wild flowers.