Thursday, 16 August 2012

Project 365 - Day 363 - Thursday 16th August

 Not sure what these little fellows are but they are real small - only about 5mm across
 Loved this Jug Orchid - looks like a bird with his beak open
Pearl Flower
 teeny, tiny bottle brushes (don't know their real name at this point in time)
 Loved the cowslip orchid with the morning dew on it
White Cranberry with morning dew
I've never seen these pods become anything more than what they are ... wonder if I am missing something?!?

I feel we are totally spoilt here in WA with our late winter/early spring wildflowers and this year is no exception!
Can you believe ... ONLY 2 DAYS TO GO!

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Pat (mspfd) said...

These are spectacular shots -- so clear and crisp. Beautiful! Do you think you will start another year of pictures?