Sunday, 1 July 2012

Project 365 - Day 316 - Saturday 30th June

In all the times I've been to the zoo I've NEVER seen these guys walking around. This little one was fair peed off at the zoo keeper after their food was removed and was chasing him down!
Love the family interaction you get with the baboons!
One of my favourites to photograph at the zoo ... they pose so well!
These guys are one of the hardest to photograph as they have so much to hide behind and of course they are up so high ... patience is a good thing here.
I just love these guys but again they are hard to get a decent shot of them as they always seem to be moving around!
The Perenti ... on the hunt 
Please enlarge this one ... it's my favourite shot of the day as you can see the spray coming off the penguin shaking!  

 Went to the zoo today - caught up with Annette for a couple of hours, which was great as I'd not seen her in months & months, and I got to photograph some of my favourite subjects ... animals! 
*Update - Monday 2nd July - just uploaded the last 3 photos including my favourite shot of the day - the Penguins. 

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