Monday, 4 June 2012

Project 365 - Day 290 - Monday 4th June

I just love this tree with the green moss growing up the trunk!

one day I will learn to use the tripod so I get a nice crisp photo!

a purple shroom

a least they died happy??

a family of purple shrooms

I think this is my favourite shot of the day

shutter speed 1 second, iso 100, av 22, camera on tripod and moved in a verticle direction - love the fact that you can still make out the horizontal braches. Thanks so much Erika for showing me this technique!

Took Jessie for a run and while she played follow the smells I played with my camera. I find new things everytime I visit the paperbark forest! All photos are straight from camera - except I've added text and museum matting via Picasa. All photos are best viewed large.

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