Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Project 365 - Day 263 - Tuesday 8th May

Jim Gordon VC Trail ... just LOVE walking through here! I should add that there is a raised board walk on which to stroll along ... I am not walking through the reeds, trees & water as such! :)
I had a couple of hours to walk Gingin this morning while my car was being serviced which is a REALLY long time to spend in a very small town, so I had lots of time to take photos!

Everlastings - can't believe that they are still in flower in town!

Yet another Church in Gingin - forgot to take note of information so will update the info after I've next been in town!
*Update - this little Church is the Uniting Church. The first services were held in Gingin in about 1854, with the Reverend Lowe travelling the 50 miles from Perth on horseback to preach in Gingin. (Very comitted man!!). The chruch was started and built in 1870, after land was donated by Thomas Jones. The builder Charles Masters was engaged to build the church. Clay bricks were dug from a pit on the opposite side of the street and by mid 1870 the walls were up & roof on.

I really loved this porch swing against the stone cottage - unfortunately I had to cut out a lot of detail as there is an extension to the house but it's finished in grey (same colour as the lattice) panelling and it really takes away from the original cottage!

C U @ Park Café - unfortunately NOT open for morning coffee!

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Pat (mspfd) said...

Gosh, the first photo looks like it was taken in a jungle!