Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Project 365 - Day 236 - Wednesday 11th April

Rarely see these gorgeous little froggies around during the day and I found this one just handing around in my watering can just now. So I moved him out into the sunlight to take the photo and he's now back happily resting in the shade!
We've had an intermittent rattle in the car now for 6-7 months - until the week before last it NEVER rattled when I was in town for our mechanic to hear. Finally Jeff got to hear the rattle to pin-point the problem and yesterday he pulled the rocker cover off and immediately found this tiny piece of metal, which he believes to be some left over casting from the motor. It was wedged in the motor and Jeff had to use a pick to remove it. He's 99.9% sure he's now solved the problem. Yay!!! For those of you who don't know how big a 5c piece is = 20mm/approx. 4/5 inch.

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