Thursday, 15 March 2012

Project 365 - Day 209 - Thursday 15th March

Ok, these are more opportunity type photos rather than wrestle with the brain as to what are we going to photograph today! Seriously, the top photo is of 2 of 4 RAAF planes that were doing 'bog laps' (only 2 bog laps but still) between Bullsbrook and Gingin this morning and flew pretty much straight over the house. The photo looks better enlarged. This was one of only 2 photos that I managed as they were seriously fast - each lap only took about 2 minutes I think so I don't think I did too bad being that I had to run inside, grab the camera, change the lens & battery and get back outside in time to photograph them! The 2nd photo is of a private (?) jet that flew in an easterly direction within a minute or two of the bog lap jets which were flying in a north south direction!! Great to see them - so much more interesting than the trainer planes that we are so used to seeing.
*Update: Friday 16th March - Read in the news last night that Australia & NZ are engaged in war games off the WA coast for the next 3 weeks ... so I might get to see more of the above :)

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