Thursday, 9 February 2012

Project 365 - Day 173 - Wednesday 8th Feb

St Catherine's Catholic Church - Gingin. Was a little early for a hair appointment yesterday so took a quick drive around town and discovered a Church I'd not seen before (how I'd missed it, I have NO idea). A quaint wooden building but real hard to get a good photo of due to the electricity wire (yes, I know I could do lots of post photo editing and make it disappear) and it also had a HUGE air conditioner sitting just above the doorway. At least from this angle you can hardly see the air con and the wire sort of blends into the angle of the Church. I found it to have some beautiful stained glass windows and a small stone grotto where I photographed "Mary" ... at least I think that is who she looks like. I love how the sun was just touching her face.  

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