Saturday, 21 January 2012

Project 365 - Day 155 - Wannamal

Ok ... warning ... big post coming! As Brian was working today I decided to head up to Wannamal Lake as I noticed while driving past yesterday that there was still good water and lots of birds. I also hunted out the cemetery and found a memorial to Brian's family, who were a pioneering farming family of the district.
In honour of Brian's Grandparents - Pioneers of the Wannamal District. The original farm still owned by Brian's Uncle.
Wannamal Cemetery Memorial Rock
Rainbow Bee Eater
Ducks taking off from the lake - best viewed large!
The Ibis
Oh my goodness ... I just about had an arachnoleptic fit when walking around and nearly walked into this Golden Orb spider! I should add the spider was approx. 10cm+ long (so yes, HUGE). Their venom is toxic but not to humans and when seen in the right light their web has a beautiful golden hue.
Shot of the day ... I think this fellow is a Richard's Pipit
Finally the swans, this was the closest they came to me. It was good to see so many out there with the ducks and other birds.

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Pat (mspfd) said...

Great pictures. Is that spider poisonous?