Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Project 365 - Day 109 - Here commeth the rain ...

I wouldn't class the photos as particularly good photos, but I wanted to show just how much rain we had this morning. I've NEVER seen our yard flood like this front or rear! We've had the most wicked storm, so much lightning and thunder and rain! I am thankful that it has eased up now, not that I am particularly scared of storms but I got sick of pushing Jessie off my lap, poor thing has been scared witless. I can understand why so many animals go missing in storms!
I am most grateful for the rain though, with so much feed still around with all the lightning, it could have ended a lot worse than a little garden flooding and 7 containers around the lounge room to catch the drips through the ceiling!
The calm after the storm ... this was the scene around 6pm taken from the back paddock looking back towards the house ... one would never know that we'd had 68.5mm today!!!

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