Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Project 365 - Day 74 - A Triple Treat

Hello! I know that I have sort of been missing in action for a few days and my posts have been kinda short and very much to the point! I've still not found out the name of the blue flower from Day 64, even Erika has been looking for it for me. It has us both stumped! Today I have 3 photos to share. This morning when I had my shower I shared the shower cubicle with this funky looking moth. Check out his 'gold leafing' and funky crown thing near his head.
Then I was opening the front door some more and I happened to spy this twig moth ... I have NEVER seen anything like it before! It's wings were quite hairy and it's long, long legs look like twigs - best viewed large!
Then a little while ago I was heading out to move the irrigation sprinkler and I spied this fellow and he was most obliging, allowing me to get really close!
Hope your day has been as 'interesting' as mine!!

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