Thursday, 6 November 2008

Family Re-union

Wow, what a blast. I don't have time to sit here 'cause I am still trying to catch up on the 2 week days I was away from work but I had an absolute ball. It was wonderful to be with family I'd not seen for anything up to 5 years - and here we were in the heart of the Barossa Valley all together for 3-4 days. A lot of money for only 4 days but I'd do it again in a flash! Just a pity a few of the rellies for one reason or another couldn't make it. The area we stayed in was settled by many Germans who's families still reside in the area - the church above is the Lutheran Church in the middle of the town of Tanunda - thought it made for a striking photo! The Arch below was at the entrance to the town and with the roses in bloom it looked fantastic - the photo doesn't capture the real spirit unfortunately due to it being taken above. I couldn't believe just how dry Adelaide was - from the air the only real green that you saw was the ovals and horse racing track - everything else looked rather barren - a sad and sorry sight really! Tanunda however flourished with so many fabulous rose gardens it made up for the dry, dusty countryside!


Pat (mspfd) said...

Glad you had a great time! Welcome home.


Go Michelle back to work, shame on you:)
Joking glad you could get away for a few days to capture pressure time for a reunion.
Look forward to some more creations soon:) BAS is gone.....