Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Long time no post

What can I say ... life is busy and an online diary is not a huge priority! I don't mean that in a bad or negative way ... I just don't think about dropping in here. I've not had time to read anyone else's blog in like weeks either. I need to reorganise my life I think. I need more 'me' time ... oh and a much faster internet speed! lol

I think I actually really only started this blog as my folks were heading off on their journey around Australia and it was an easy way to keep everyone informed of their whereabouts etc.

So ... now I am debating as to whether to keep this blog going or not. I will review the situation when we return from our trip to New Zealand ... only 3 sleeps to go!!!



Have a great time!
And remember like i realise, me is what counts and that's what you have to do look after 'me'
Take care, have a blast and let me know all about when you get back.

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