Wednesday, 26 December 2007

How was your Christmas Day?

It's 8.51am here on Boxing Day.
It's 35°c outside already and considering the time I quoted was daylight savings time that makes's extremely HOT outside when really it's not 8am yet! I've watered all the pot plants and watered where the dogs lie so the soil is wet - it's sort of like air conditioning for them. We've also got a strong easterly wind blowing .... it's just not a nice day outside!

So how was your Christmas Day?
Ours was really nice, although I had a sad start to the day. Nothing was wrong except my emotions. Wierd!
Had a phone call from Mum & Dad yesterday morning - they are enjoying their stay in Hong Kong! Had 13 courses for their Chinese Banquet and then went to a market on Christmas Eve. I think Dad said they were surrounded by an estimated 300,000 people in an area in the size of Rockingham (Rockingham has a population of about 85,000 (?) people) and I think that is over-crowded! lol
After the phone call we took off down to Brian's eldest sister's house for a champagne breaky of bacon, eggs, sausages, hash browns, fresh bread, savoury muffins & tomatoes. YUMMO! After breakfast it was time for a swim to cool the bod down but then the noisey boys jumped in the pool so I got out.
Around 1pm we headed over to Helen & Dean's house (Brian's 2nd sister) and had a smorgasboard lunch of snitzel, cold meat, prawns, lots of salads and more Champagne! Not doing bad on the Champagne considering I don't normally drink it!
Brian's youngest sister, Julie-Anne, Rob, Ben & Kasey arrived around 5:30 and then it was just fun & games in the pool for most people.
We ended up leaving around 7pm. Damian wanted to stay in Perth with Karen & Alan & family for a day or two so we dropped him back there and arrived back home around 8pm.
I had a phone call from my cousin Karen around 9:30 & we talked for 1¼ hours and then my pen-friend from the Seychelles, Jennifer, rang to wish me a Merry Christmas, which was a lovely surprise! Got lots of text messages throughout the day too which was really nice.

Today we just plan to sit inside where it's cool! Would love a swimming pool about now - something cool to float around in.
Time for some breakfast.
Where ever you may be, I do hope that your Christmas Day was enjoyable!

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