Monday, 12 November 2007

What a storm!

We have a wicked thunderstorm happening at the moment and yes I am still here at the computer!!

The photo on the left is the sky at 3pm!

The photo on the right is one of many pieces of the Christmas tree that has been blown off the tree! The flowers usually have so many bees on them I am not game enough to get close enough for a photo!

We went from wind gusts of wind about 20kms/hr to gusts of 80kms/hr in less than 20 minutes! I only said the other week that we don't seem to get the good summer storms that we used to have any more ... maybe I shouldn't think out loud! lol



Those froggie's look awesome, almost artificial.
What a storm, i'll say!
TFS and have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love your nature pics Chelle. I love visiting the country (said like a true city gal)LOL So your pics give me that little peice of paradise the bush has to offer.xx