Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Jessie on her Soapbox ... so had to share!

This is our little fur child Jessie up on her soapbox telling the world all about it ... she is so funny when she does this. Once she starts barking, Osten (our other canine fur child) usually starts to howl and then that in turn starts Jess off too ... Too Funny!



That is so cute, we have neighbourhood furry friends that start our dog off, and we hate it because the neighbour isnt too impressed with all the noise.
We dont live out on acres like you to get away with it.
Take care and glad you are still posting.
Have you been getting my emails!

Paula said...

Is this just too cute or what!! On ya Jessie :D

Court. said...

Terrific pic Chelle! Love the title.LOL